#1 Confessions of A Shopaholic: How to shop new trends in the sale

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has arrived and no sooner have the sales started….Woo!

I love, love, love a bargain, but I also love the right kind of bargain. I TRY to shop smarter when it comes to sales, and believe I have developed my own little master plan. I guess some of which is general consensus, and some of which I’m convinced I have thought up myself and kept to myself, since I’m a shopping addict/holic and addicts/ *-holics   think they conceal their secrets and sins…until now…but I will confess.

Please pardon me if you think I’m patron-ising, but having spoken to friends and family, it has become apparent, that my ideologies are not that common and the shock often unsteadies my crown.

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The stores are going to be getting rid of mid / end season stock, and they will want to do it quickly to make room for spring /summer stock, hence the sale. Obvs right? No! not to everyone, it appears some people get fixated on the shiny new stuff, because the shop floor starts to look like a jumble sale which not appealing to anyone. Now I know people still rifle through this, but the stock rooms do not clear as quickly as they should.  This really grinds my gears that people cannot focus on what to buy because of the mish mash of old and new. This drags the sale out, all in the name of that bargain we love. But what are you looking for Exactly?

The point I’m trying to make is…People have been sale shopping wrong for too long and it makes me wanna have a ‘Nervy B’ when the new season stock is slow to fill the rails. 

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My advice to sale worshippers:

Don’t look for items ready to wear right now, buy the mid or end of season items for the love of fashion please.  For instance if you see a pair of amazing boots BUY them! Yes, you might have to put them away for a few months, but look at it as an investment, you will be wearing that purchase in no time and will be ready for Autumn/Winter, which is not that far away. Vice versa when the Spring/Summer sales are on.

Now I know, new season apparel/trends are exciting and we ‘must have it’, I myself confess, that I fall off the wagon…occasionally, but realistically the styles do not change that significantly from season to season, you do not need to buy new trends at full price.  The designers have already forecast’d and strutted supermodels down the runway to show us what the new trends and styles are going to be for the coming season through ‘Fashion Week’. We just need to shop a little smarter by staying one step ahead to stay bang on trend at banging prices.

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Saint Sale Selection

Shop New Trends In The Sale

Photo Credit: Indigital | Boohoo

Ruffle your fashion feathers and choose fancy frills, JW Anderson‘s collection flounced down the runway at London Fashion Week.  How will you flaunt your frill? – The Fashion Saint 
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Shop New Trends In The Sale

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The #FROW got a glimpse of irregular hems lines at #PFW. Asymmetry and raw edges have been hacked, and everyone from Loewe to Balenciaga is making cut backsThe Fashion Saint 
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Shop New Trends In The Sale

Photo Credit: Indigital | Topshop

Pick your pixel. Anya Hindmarch Mindcrafted fashion at London Fashion Week AW16 with popping with perplexed shapes. Pick it and pac it. The Fashion Saint 
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Check out:
The Fashion Saint’s Top 10 Shop-a-holic secrets & confessions to get fashion ready at heavenly prices.

1. Look at highlights for ‘Fashion Weekso you’re up to date on the trends, followed by searching for similar items in the sale.

2. If you are on a budget and want to keep up with trends shop around, don’t buy the first bargain you see, on-line shopping is the quickest and easiest way to do so, try a site like Shop Style and check out their sales section you where you can look for what you want all in one place. On-line shopping also has the feature to save items to your basket for a short period. Most stores save your items 2 hours so you don’t need to worry if the first item you saw was the best bargain to go back and find it’s sold out #ShortestHorrorStory.

3. If you see an item you like full price, sign up for sale alerts. Alternatively sign up to Fashion News Letters (email) to get first hand notification of when stores go on sale, annoying as these email MAY seem, if you act fast you’re likely to get your item and size before it sells out. In addition consider going up or down a size in order to get what you want.#ShopaholicBehaviour 

4. “IFyou are trying to be a bit more sensible; don’t buy because you want it; buy because it’s an essential or classic item. (My BFF will be raising her fleeky eyebrows). Response- “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice”.

5. Don’t buy similar items to what you already have unless you absolutely need them. Now let’s not get confused, if you have a muggy white t-shirt, of course buy another, this is a wardrobe basic necessity. Just don’t buy another jersey midi dress you don’t need.

6. Save up gift vouchers to shop sale if you are likely to get carried away, and buy what you don’t need… at least it is at someone else’s expense…right #ShopaholicMentality

7. Set yourself a budget E.g. £100 for TOTAL sale shopping.

8. Estimate Pound (£) per wear, If you have difficulty deciding whether to buy something  or not #Isitworthit? A black bag, is going to get lots of wear-ability, especially if you are using it for work. E.g. Take my DKNY Bag £40 (sale) £40 ÷ 365= 0.11p per wear #Bargain.

9. Have a wardrobe clear out before you go #WildInTheIsles and see if you have similar clothing to the new trends. I often forget what I have in my wardrobe #ShopaholicProblems.

10. Don’t get carried away by the 10-20% off this is hardly saving, wait a while and sale shop towards the end, this is where you get the best bargains. It’s not necessarily true that all the best or trendy items will be gone; the stores bring out new sale stock every week.

Disclaimer: The Fashion Saint accepts no responsibility if you spend all you money on PAY DAY *EEK*.

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