Mis-Matching Underwear

Mis-matching underwear is up for discussion. To wear matching sets or not to wear that is the question? I know my BFF will have a lot to say about this….

In a survey by Fashion Bust 19% of women answered ‘always!’ to their question about matching underwear. That’s almost one in five. Around 55% said they sometimes match, and the rest – around a quarter – said they’re just not bothered.

I’m with that quarter. I personally don’t wear matching underwear, now I’m not saying I wear clashing colours such as a yellow bra and purple knickers, though this could be deemed colour blocking, but I think I’m somewhat sensible, in that I will wear a plain coloured bra, and wear knickers that compliment the colour.  I don’t see this as unreasonable or what the problem could possibly be with this. 

You see, my bust is 30 E, bra’s are expensive and bigger sizes never used to be that attractive and came in very few colours, such as black, white and at a push nude. However stores have broadened their market for dodgy sizes but old habits die hard. I have consistently kept it simple, I buy a 3 pack, which is the cost of one bra, just one bra in a matching set and co-ordinate knickers to match at half the price, now tell me that isn’t smart? I’m a shopaholic, I work the system LOL. Hoisting up breasts can be a small fortune and you want knickers to match that will set you back another £12? I’d rather spend the money on clothes #JustSaying. 

pink bra and knickers.jpgMy number one issue with matching sets, I find that they are embellished way too much and they show through the top, ruining a perfectly good outfit. How do you folk sitting on the other side of the fence manage this? I’m intrigued? All these frills and flounces, ruin a fabulous top, and all because you wanted to wear a pretty bra SMH.


I personally like a t-shirt bra with a nice smooth outer shell and one that’s ever so slightly padded keeping your nipples warm. I’m notMADONNA CONICLE BRA feeling the look of Madonna’s express yourself conical’s in this day and age I’m leaving that well in the 80’s where it belongs. 

Another issue I have  on the matching underwear situ, is that no one can see what you’re wearing underneath except a loved one. But do they care? I get that women want to do it for themselves, because it makes them feel sexy and alluring and they do look sexy and alluring in the Next catalogue but that’s just  not a number one priority for me. I don’t mind dying in mis-matched underwear, I’m sure that will be the least of my worries.

Will people judge me If I don’t match? it’s definitely got to be more women than men, as I’m yet to find a man who has had an issue, but my BFF bangs on about it a lot.  There are bigger and better things to judge me on? Surely the purpose of underwear is only that of a functional one. By the way I wear odd socks too. But that’s another blog post for another day.

I admire the perseverance of  those who match underwear, really I do,  but it must be really hard having to make sure that both the knickers and the bra are in the wash at the same time. Whereas I have selection to choose from. I don’t have to worry about the “Oh no, my red set is in the wash and I wanted to wear that today” or “Oh no my favourite lacy bra got tangled by the washing machine” What do you do when that happens, and your left with just the knickers or vice versa? Are they thrown away? For me mis-matching  underwear saves a worry I just don’t need in my life or the expense of having to replace a ruined set.

bra's on a line

What do you do when the wash goes wrong?

I believe that this matching underwear thing is intrinsic, we do what our Mum’s or the female alternative do. My Mother does not and has never worn matching sets. I suppose if she had, like when she advised me to take my make up off before bed or moisturise your skin everyday, I guess I would have been that person horrified  at those who don’t match their undies.

With so many benefits of mis-matching have I convinced you to come to the other side?

Don’t be shy let me know what your for and against argument is for mis-matching or matching sets?




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      • April 5, 2016 / 10:17 am

        I don’t usually match my bra and undies but I usually try to make them compliment each other 😂

        • April 5, 2016 / 10:17 am

          Good woman, cos ain’t nobody got time that….matching shizzle lol xxx

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