Red Dress | For Valentines Day ❤️

Red Dress | For Valentines Day ❤️


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Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, it’s also a leap year so ladies, so if you want to propose to your loved one, this Valentine’s is the day to do it.

I am personally not a fan of Valentine’s Day it’s just another over commercialised day. I usually spend the day with my BFF’s, boyfriend or no boyfriend, because friends are the ones that will be there for you when shit hits the fan, S/O to ‘Louise, Simone and Chloe, ‘My Girls‘. however I know a lot of you get fully involved in this romantic day and that’s OK, which is why I have found the perfect red dress for you, if you have not found one yet, panic not there’s still time.

Mr Self-Portrait has the best dresses for special occasions, they are pretty and unique often beautifully embellished, but not over the top. These dresses are high-end high street, but worth every penny. This red dress can be worn time and time again it also comes in black and white.

Pair this dress with a pair of nude heels and clutch bag for a sophisticated romantic look.

Don’t forget your card, I’m loving the ‘I tolerate you’ card shown above LOL.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Natasha xoxo


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