Beau Belle Sculpting Brushes

“Beau Belle Sculpting brushes are a must have in any makeup bag right now”. 

This four set of sculpting brushes features a unique selling point…a slick groove handle on all brushes for precision application and is no doubt going to revolutionise makeup application, allowing the normal person to create sleek, flawless, and more creative makeup finishes.

Beau Belle Sculpting Brushes

Contouring can be comprised of four stages dependant on how dramatic you wish your contoured look to be. Foundation (base), concealer (contour) highlight (enhance) and finish (blush & set). This set of Beau Belle sculpting brushes are an adequate set to apply and blend your contour resulting in a perfect professional finish.

Beau Belle Sculpting Brushes

Shown is the powder brush. I have used a this with a finishing powder to create this flawless day time look

The Beau Belle sculpting brushes are presented in a clear PVC pouch which is perfect for carrying around in your makeup bag and so not to ruin the hairs of the brushes. With the various colours used to contour the pouch also protects any mess in your beloved makeup bag or box.

In addition the clear pouch is perfect for makeup artists who carry an array of brush sets, by making brushes more accessible which in turn makes makeup artistry more efficient.

Beau Belle Sculpting Brushes

What I also loved about Beau Belle Brushes was that it details tips on site about every product, on how to care and clean the brushes, this is something you will not find on sites such as MAC.

Care notes

Keep the brushes in a dry place. Clean brushes after application which will help maintain the softness and result in long lasting use.

Tips about How to Clean Your Brushes:

1. Dampen the brushes slightly with lukewarm water avoiding getting the base of the brush too wet as this can cause the hair to become loose.

2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to brushes.

3. Gently swirl the brush on the palm of your hand and work into a light lather.

4. Rinse brushes under running water, continue rinsing until no colour leaves the brush.

5. Allow them to air-dry.

Con-Tour’s of this product

The only con I found with these brushes is that they are so beautifully designed and super stylish with metallic rose gold hardware that you almost don’t want to use them aren’t they pretty? I also think a mini set should be available, this would be perfect for retouching makeup on the go or a super special presents for your bff.

Where to buy Beau Belle Sculpting Brushes:

These brushes are available to purchase via my blog shop.

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