As a nurse and fashion and beauty blogger I of  course have an appreciation for all things nursing and of course fashion and beauty. The reason being nursing is not very glamorous.  The daily wears of a polyester uniform, minimal makeup and ultimately feeling to tired to get glammed up and go out is the mood of most nurses I know.

Nurses often have to work Bank Holidays, Birthdays, Easter and of course the most wonderful time of the year…Christmas, missing out on time with their families and enjoying the festivities the whole month can bring, which can be a bit a Debbie Downer.

Boots UK recognised that nurses and lots of other women with careers outside of nursing, work over Christmas and gave 40 very lucky women ‘The Gift of Beauty’ as a mark of appreciation and amazing early Christmas surprise for all their hard work.  It is thought that women appreciate the ‘Gift of Beauty’ more than any other gift. The Fashion Saint concurs.  Watch The Advert Below 

“Around half a million women in the UK, including firefighters, nurses and farmers, work on Christmas Day. For all they do, we gave some of them a day of pampering and beauty at the hands of our expert team of beauty advisors”. — Boots UK

gift of beauty

Source: Red Consultancy

The Boots UK Christmas Advert 2016


Source: Boots UK

The Fashion Saint Interviewed Simone Willimas-Anglin,  Aged 37 From London who took part in the Boots Christmas Ad Campaign 2016.


Source: Boots UK



boots beauty

Source Red Consultancy


The Fashion Saint: Hi Simone, thank you for taking the time to be interviewed. You must be really busy now with your new found stardom?

Simone: No, not at all, although my face is splashed across billboards in my local shopping centre, I’m still very much grounded and very humbled by the whole thing. It’s very weird seeing my face during the ad breaks and on billboards.

The Fashion Saint: The Boots UK Christmas advert campaign was aimed at people who work over Christmas, as a nurse this obviously applies to you. What type of Nurse are you?

Simone: CNS Palliative Care Nurse.

The Fashion Saint: How many Christmases have you worked?

Simone: The last three.

The Fashion Saint: What was your reaction when Boots UK  asked you to be one of the faces of their Christmas campaigns. It’s a bit of a big deal, Christmas adverts can be compared to that of the Superbowl.

Simone: Excited!!! I did not know I was a feature girl until minutes before going on set.

The Fashion Saint: What did the surprise involve? And  did you have your own glam squad?

Simone: A few nights stay in a beautiful 5 star hotel, full hair, makeup and clothes styling, by my very own glam squad, they were amazing.

The Fashion Saint: You must of felt very special, what was the best part about the makeover?

Simone: Oh Yes!!! I loved my hair and spending time with other amazing women.

The Fashion Saint: In your line of work, do you often have the chance to get glammed up?

Simone: No, not really, I’m often too tired and I like to spend time with my family, as my job, whilst enjoyable is very demanding. So I really appreciated the surprise from Boots UK.

The Fashion Saint: What did your friends and family think of your new glam look?

Simone: They absolutely loved it. They thought I looked very sophisticated.

The Fashion Saint: Did you get to pick your own outfit?

Simone: Yes I did with help from the stylists.

The Fashion Saint: It’s gorgeous where is it from? You looked Stunning!!!

Simone: Thank you, it’s from Biba (Shop Simones Biba Dress Below)

The Fashion Saint: What makeup did you wear for the advert?

Simone: Boots No7 and NYX products. Shop the Boots Shoot Makeup Below

The Fashion Saint: What top 3 Boots UK beauty gifts would you recommend and why?


  1. Super dry luxe shine professional lip glaze trio.  This makes my lips feel amazing and It’s not too sticky.
  2. No7 Classic brush set. This comes in a purse which can double as an evening clutch bag, I put my card and some cash in there.
  3. Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream. This makes my skin feel super smooth and smells wonderful, I feel very special when using this product.

The Fashion Saint: How would you define the Gift of beauty?

Simone: Loving yourself and not requiring others to define what your love should look like. Beauty what’s inside a person which radiates on the outside.

Thank you so much Simone for sharing the ‘Gift of Beauty. You truly deserved this surprise, Palliative care nursing takes a very special kind of person I loved what you said in your video clip

“We can’t give you quantity but we can definitely give you quality of life”

I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and an amazing 2017, sounds like your are destined for bigger things.

Watch the Boots UK  Truth Booth to see what Simone’s friends and family thought of this amazing lady.







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