Wood you believe, you are indeed looking at a Jord wood watch. Take a little time out to look a little closer.

jord wood watch

This gorgeous unique timepiece from the Jord wood watch Frankie series is made from sandlewood and smoke, and finished with rose gold detailing. I’m completely obsessed by the craftsmanship and how something wooden could look so good, plus i’m a sucker for having something a little different.

jord wood watch

The watch is much lighter to wear than a leather or stainless steel wrist watch. I’m also a big fan of this watch, as it pretty much goes with everything. I have several watches which I usually alternate dependant on my choice of clothing. My Jord wood watch is super versatile, looks great with all colour options and is perfect for day or night wear. I recently wore mine on a night out and received so many compliments as to how unique the watch was and that they had never seen something like it before.

The packaging is super cool too as its presented in a gorgeous wooden box obviously, with several trays with care instructions. In addition prior to receiving my Jord wood watch, links were removed which is a great service as I usually have to get this done independently whenever I have bought a linked watch.

jord wood watch

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