My Top Three Desert Island Beauty Products

There are always beauty products that we just cannot live without, for the simply reason it makes our skin feel a certain way or has a desired effect. Have a look at my top three desert island beauty products.


1 Having just run out of my must have facewash, Tebiskin Gly-Clean is most certainly at top of my list of beauty products that I would need if stranded on a desert island.

Leaves my skin smooth and soft and stops breakouts


A gentle cleanser with exfoliating action for use as a face wash in your regime. Also, perfect for preparing the skin for the use of any functional product.  Buy Here



 2Next is Dr Shea Body Butter in Peachdr shea.png

This is an exciting new product by a very close friend of mine. Forgive me if you think I’m being bias, but this body butter is absolutely gorgeous. Not only

The sweet aroma of peach is divine

because of its healing properties and all the other good stuff it has to offer, but the long lasting sweet smell of peach is divine, perfume would not even be a necessity and most importantly this butter leaves my skin feeling silky soft and well moisturised all day long. DR Shea body butter is thick and creamy and when warmed in the palms of your hands, spreads easily, so the quantity required for use is small, making this product value for money and long lasting. DR Shea Body Butter also comes in a range of other beautiful scents; coconut, vanilla, citrus, lavender and tea treeBuy Here 



heal gel3Lastly for days like today, when the bags under my eyes are the size of a large Michael Kors Jet Set tote Handbags, I couldn’t live without Heal Gel Eye. This product was developed by a plastic surgeon I used to work with, alongside other dermatoligists.

Great for when your eyes look like large Michael Kors Jet Set Tote Handbags

This works wonders, cooling, and reducing puffiness. It also acts as a great eye primer before make-up and great for use before bed.Buy Here





What beauty products can’t you live without?


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