National Fragrance Day 

National Fragrance Day is celebrated on March 21, 2016. It celebrates all the beautiful and luscious scents we smell day to day, especially perfumes. National Fragrance day is about appreciation of scents and fragrances, show your support and share youimg_9909r stories on what a scent means to you or the memories it holds. Alternatively you can show your appreciation and buy someone their favourite perfume as a gift.

Many of the stores are holding events to show their appreciation, including  discounts. Visit participating stores such as Selfridges who are offering personalised fragrance consultations.

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I don’t know about you but I simply love perfumes last year I got through 23 bottles!!! I adore how the scents makes you feel or reminds of happier times such as milestones.

The Fashion Saint Loves

Tom Ford Black Orchid 

“Tom Ford Black Orchid is a sensuous, dark and dramatic fragrance which captures the attention and holds it as the notes deepen and balance. The attention is captured by a sensuous blend of black truffle and ylang, mingled with fresh bergamot and  blackcurrant. A dramatic signature unfolds with the custom–made Tom Ford black orchid blended with dark, tempting florals and rich fruit accords. The heart is deepened with the intoxicating lotus wood. The decadent noir gourmand accord is balanced by patchouli, incense and vetiver, while vanilla tears add a fluid creaminess to warm balsam and smooth sandalwood”. – Selfridges 

This is one of my number one favourite scents, I feel exquisite when it is worn. Everyone is always very complimentary when I wear this. However  I don’t like to wear it often, as I don’t want to lose the specialness of how it makes me feel.

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Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb

The original Flowerbomb scent from Viktor & Rolf, this light, fresh fragrance has a charming bouquet of floral notes, including jasmine, rose, freesia, orchids and patchouli. Presented in a feminine faceted bottle, it’s one to lift the spirits.- Selfridges 

This fragrance is super sweet just the way I like it. Flower Bomb, always reminds me of change and progression as it was bought as a graduation gift when I qualified as a nurse.

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Michael Kors By Michael Kors 

 Tuberose transforms this scent into a uniquely modern fragrance sensation by surrounding this gorgeous floral with sensuous spices and exotic Moroccan incense.-House of Fraser

This scent is again another sweet smelling scent, very pleasant and fresh. I often wear this day to day, This scent reminds me of my Son, as it was bought as a Mother’s Day gift a few years back when he spent all of his own pocket money. For me this is a timeless perfume that I will buy again and again.

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What is your favourite perfume and why? 

Happy National Fragrance Day


The Fashion Saint 



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