SensatioNail Express Starter Kit

Achieve beautiful salon looking gel nails with The SensatioNail Express Starter Kit.

SensatioNail Red Your Profile

My SensatioNail Look

Have you ever tried to paint your nails when getting ready for a night out? Only to find there’s a million and one things that you need to do whilst waiting for them to dry? OMG, I ALWAYS need to use to toilet and carefully undertake this mission like a black Ops agent in a covert operation to avoid smudging my nails and fail miserably. Ladies I know you can relate, but I am pleased to tell you…your failing missions are long gone with the SensatioNail Express Starter kit. I tried this exciting new range sold by Boots UK and I’m very impressed with the results. The SensatioNail Express Starter Kit is life. Dry nails in 30 seconds. With this mission quickly accomplished,  I will not be waiting half an hour just to be seen in a nail salon again.

What Is SensatioNail Express Starter kit ?

A revolutionary all in one gel formula without all the stages of the conventional gel nail process,  giving you instant super shiny gel nails in as little as five minutes. Mine took slightly longer due to the fact I had to rid my unsightly dry cuticles first #NurseProblems.

Whats Included?

  • LED Lamp with USB Adaptor
  • Cuticle Orange stick
  • Nail file/buffer
  • Red your profile 10ml Gel Polish

For £34.99 this is such good value for money, I would normally pay £18 to get my nails done and a further £6 to get them taken off.

At a one-off price of  that’s two salon sittings paid for and whenever you choose to do your nails again is a bonus.

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Express Starter Kit also available in Made Him Blush

How To Use

Simply prep the nail by buffing, apply the colour and cure and you’re done, leaving a perfect set of nails for up to 10 days. See full details here.


Watch the SensatioNail How to video


To complete the whole do it yourself SensatioNail experience, I’d recommend purchasing the removal wraps and remover.

Shop SensatioNail Removal

When it’s time for me to remove my gel nails which I don’t want to even contemplate the idea of dull talons.  I’m looking to buy some more colours. With over 20 colours available you’re spoilt for choice and you can obtain a different look as frequent as you like.

 Shop SensatioNail Express Polish Colours on offer, buy one get the second half price.

“A girl should have two things, beautiful nails and fabulous toes”


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